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Meet The Actors - Beth Marshall



Name: Beth Marshall




Professional Training

MA Honours in Theatre Studies & Scottish Literature
Acting Diploma - L’Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq

Roleplay Experience

Examples of the various role-plays Beth has been involved in.
Breaking bad news; Dealing with challenging behaviour; Conflict management; Bereavement; Getting access to children; Physical, sexual and mental abuse (children & adults); Crime interrogation techniques; Substance abuse; Sales technique training; Child Protection; and Management roleplays.

Clients Include

Strathclyde Police, Scottish Police College, Glasgow University Medical Department, Scottish National Health Service, Glasgow Dental School, TASK Role-play

Personal Skills and Experience

Beth has worked extensively in theatre, film and television as a professional actor for 11 years and a Drama Workshop Facilitator and actor for corporate training for 13 years. You can view her full acting CV by entering view pin number 6817-6756-1331 at www.spotlight.com





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