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Meet The Actors - SCOTLAND

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John Julie-Ann   Kennyzoe Linda  

Glen Dickson

Cindy Campbell

George Docherty

Charlie Donnelly

Jo Davy

John   Karen      

John McQuiston


Karen Bartke



mandy Owen Stephen Stewart Toni  

Mandy Sykes

Owen Gorman

Stephen Cleland

Stewart Ennis

Toni Frutin


Trish Mullin

Angela Darcy Barbara-Ann Gray Chris Young Colin Little  

Craig Fraser

Donald Munro   Fiona Ormiston Kirsty Miller  

Monica Brady

Paddy Bonner Paul Chaal Peter Callaghan Rosalind McCaig  

Ryan McHendrick

Susan Worsfold Steven Rae Stephen Hosie    



Beth Marshall Louise Montgomery Louise Quinn Maggie MacRitchie  


Abigaill Gemmel

Michelle Gallagher Rony Bridges Tamara Kennedy Ross Stenhouse  


Jo Mullaney Julie Tsang Stephen Cooper    






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