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Meet The Actors - Joe Mullaney



Name: Joe Mullaney


Professional Training

Scottish youth theatre 1977 & 1978
1980 – Present
Joe’s most notable role is probably  that of Ronnie in the hit 80’s Scottish movie Restless natives.
Other  TV appearances include Take the high road, Taggart and Dr Findlay’s casebook for STV and Maggie and Grey granite for BBC.

Roleplay Experience

Examples of the various role plays Joe has been involved in:
Patient presenting with depression, patient in denial, breaking bad news, Patient wishing to make formal complaint, manic depression, addiction, coping with dementia, behaviour & conflict management.

Clients Include

Glasgow University medical school, RCGP (Royal college of general practitioners) , Tayforth mental health board, university of Dundee, Torr partnership Edinburgh, NHS education Scotland.

Skills and Experience

Ryan has worked for almost three years in corporate theatre and training as an actor. He is also a BAFTA Nominated Film maker and worked in various positions in film and television both in front and behind the camera.

Some Examples of his directing and writing work,

Joe has worked extensively over the last 30 plus years in theatre,
television, film, role play and corporate theatre and training.





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