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Meet The Actors - Michelle Gallagher



Name: Michelle Gallagher

Nationality: British



Professional Training

Reid Kerr College
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

Roleplay Experience

Examples of various roleplays Michele has been involved in:
 ‘Only Joking’ – An Anti-Bullying campaign aimed at primary school children.
‘Under the Influence’ – A project aimed at primary school children to educate them about alcohol and it’s dangers.
‘Going out, Getting Serious’ – A sex education project for teenagers highlighting peer pressure and the consequences of underage sex.
‘The way we were’ – A project aimed at nurses based around dementia patients, to highlight the fact these people had lives and loves before they suffered from this disease.
‘The Personal Touch’ – A performance dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.
‘Denial’ – A roleplay activity working with doctors to train them on how to deal with breaking bad news to a patients family and how to cope when the family member refuses to accept this news.

Clients Include

NHS, Glasgow City Council, Paisley University, Fablevision, Health Education Board, Dundee City Council

Personal Skills and Experience

Michele has worked as a professional actor for 10 years.  In this time she has been involved in many role-play activities as a performer and a facilitator.

Some Examples of roleplay and song-writing work

Theatre Credits include:  The Sound of my Voice (Citizens Theatre), The Oddest Couple (Oran Mor),  A Woman of No Importance, Hamlet, Chimneys (Pitlochry Festival Theatre), Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay (7:84)
TV Credits include: No Hold’s Bard (BBC), Taggart (SMG), Still Game (F’n’G), Legit (Comedy Unit), Monarch of the Glen (BBC)





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