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Meet The Actors - Peter Callaghan



Name: Peter Callaghan

Nationality: Scottish


Professional Training

BA (Dramatic Studies), Hons
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama

Roleplay Experience

Facilitating; Developing Interpersonal Skills; Giving and Receiving Feedback; Dealing with Difficult Customers, Clients and Colleagues; Interview Techniques; Delivering Presentations; Assertiveness Training; Medical Roleplays; and various Theatre-In-Education Projects such as Internet Safety, Homophobia, Road Safety and Abuse within Teenage Relationships.

Clients Include,

General Medical Council; Land Registry of Scotland; Royal College of Surgeons; Foreign Office; Home Office; Aviva; The Royal Bank of Scotland; and Pfizer.
Skills and Experience

Since graduating from Drama School in 1998, Peter has worked for a variety of theatre companies, mainly touring theatre-in-education and children’s shows throughout the UK.

In addition to acting, he also has considerable experience as a writer (performance poetry and theatre-in-education plays); workshop facilitator in primary and secondary schools; and director.

Regarding roleplays, he has worked as an actor and facilitator for a variety of companies in both the private and public sector, including InterAct in London, ER Consultants in Cambridge and, of course, InterAct in Glasgow.




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