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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Our Medical Experience

We understand the formality of assessments and exams, and recognise the enormous benefit role play brings to the selection and examination process.

Role playing is one of the most effective ways to identify a candidate's strengths and weakness.

We can provide you with an individual role player for one day to a full company of role players for as long as you require.

Role Play Actors for Assessment Centres and Exams

You can be assured our team have years of experience as role play actors/simulators for assessment and exam situations.

We can provide a diverse team of role play actors who are equal opportunities trained.

Our role play actors/simulators are able to research and learn background material and lines. They can adopt a character or characters and deliver agreed lines to specific prompts.

Consistency and confidentiality are fundamental to all our role play actors. They are trained to provide written evaluations and /or oral feedback, if required.

Rest assured our role play actors are punctual, hard working and down-to-earth.

We are always on hand to advise and assist.

Please take a look at a selection of assessment centres and exams we've been proud to be associated with.

Please take a look at a selection of medical work we've been proud to be associated with.

  • GP Vocational Training Scheme workshops
  • Case demonstration for Royal College of GP membership exam
  • GP trainee workshops
  • Feedback Development sessions for GP membership
  • Mock GP surgery consultations
  • Psychiatry membership exam training
  • G.P. recruitement centres
  • Practice Nurse HBC workshops for Heartlink Project
  • Breaking Bad News workshops
  • Radiology Unit workshops in Llanelli
  • Neonatal Unit workshops
  • FY1 training workshops in Llanelli and Carmarthen
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology workshops
  • SpR Surgeon training workshops
  • Specialist Registrar Workshops
  • Health Behaviour Change (HBC) Workshops
  • Training for Palliative Care exams
  • Occupational Medicine workshops
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