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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Meet The Actors - WALES

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John   Karen Kennyzoe Linda  

Janine Cooper-Marshall


Anita Reynolds

Ceri Mears

Claire Cage

John Julie-Ann Karen      

Cler Stephens

Dave Prince

Dewi Savage



mandy Owen   Stewart Toni  

Jeanie Rebane

Jenny Livsey


Nadine Beaton

Noel James

trish trish trish John    

Richard Berry

Tony Leader Zoe Davies Alex Harries Anja Conti

mandy Owen      


Huw Davies


Alex Alderton


mandy Owen Stephen   awaiting  

Simon Howells

Claire Isaac

Daniel Rochford


Carrie Munn




Bethan Thomas

Catherine Morris

Caroline Berry




James Lawrence

Lee Mengo

Liz Edney

Paul Green

Rebecca Knowles



Ronni Ellis

John Stevens

Kezia Burrows

Kate Carter





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