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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Our Roleplay Services

Roleplay Reactors provides professional Roleplay services for a diverse range of clients especially in delivering training workshops, assessment centres and exams within the medical, healthcare and public sector fields.

Role Play Reactors' client base has grown rapidly over the past few years, mainly through recommendations and a reputation for a friendly and efficient service.

Our Actors
Our role play actors have years of experience playing a wide range of service users and management roles within the NHS and public sectors. Our actors are both English and Welsh speaking role play actors

Roleplay Reactors has more than 50 local experienced role players, so we can cater for a wide variety of age/ethnicity requirements and all our role players have worked in training, assessment and recruitment on all types of programmes.. These range from basic training, mentoring/counselling skills and GP recruitment, to management assessments and facilitation.

We regularly work from briefs such as script, role card and video to adopt the appropriate roles required.

Our role play actors/simulators are able to research and learn background material and lines. They can adopt a character or characters and deliver agreed lines to specific prompts.

Personal development within a professional context is an area of growing interest and we use roleplay to stimulate debate and underline good communication practices.

An important part of any training is feedback and we ensure that, when required, our actors can provide this in a constructive and sensitive manner.

Consistency and confidentiality are fundamental to all our role play actors. They are trained to provide written evaluations and /or oral feedback, if required.

We constantly monitor the performance and consistency of our actors by both shadowing their work and obtaining client feedback.  We also have ongoing, in-house training programmes to help maintain the high standards our clients expect and enjoy.

Examples of roleplays

• Leadership Development
• Communication Skills workshops
• Specialist Registrar Workshops
• Neonatal Unit workshops
• GP Vocational Training Scheme workshops
• GP trainee workshops
• Mock GP surgery consultations
• Obstetrics and Gynaecology workshops
• Occupational Medicine workshops
• Psychiatry membership exam training
• Recruitment Assessments





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