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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Our Training Services

Roleplay Reactors offers roleplay training courses tailor made to clients’ specific needs and include interactive roleplay allied to an element of fun.

Our Courses
These courses can be devised to suit different group sizes and timetables: from two-hour sessions to full-day workshops.  We have carefully crafted our training programmes on the following topics:  Effective Communication, Body Language, Voice, Teamwork, Change, Mentoring, Team Building and Conflict Management.

We also produce specialist Voice courses for high level management.

Our Actor Facilitators
Our experienced Actor Facilitators have trained people with all levels of experience from Senior Management to new, first line managers and employees.  We work in a group format, facilitating group learning and feedback while also providing a targeted learning experience to the individual, through the use of roleplay.

Learning Outcome Examples
• Describe communication skills and their relevant importance in effective communication.
• Observe communication skills including conflict scenarios, and suggest changes.
• Accurately reflect on own communication skills and behaviour and implement changes to help create positive interaction.
• Actively participate in a range of teamwork activities in competitive and non competitive contexts.
• Show awareness of the impact of own behaviour on others in preparation for returning to the workplace.
• Reflect and recap on activities of the course, with feedback to the other participants, both verbally and through written/visual media.

• An important part of any training is feedback and we ensure that, when required, our actors can provide this in a constructive and sensitive manner.
• We constantly monitor the performance and consistency of our actors by both shadowing their work and obtaining client feedback.
• We also have ongoing, in-house training programmes to help maintain the high standards our clients expect and enjoy.





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