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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Our Company

Roleplay Reactors is one of the biggest roleplay companies in Wales today.  We supply trained actors, specialising in delivering role play actors for training workshops, assessment centres and exams within the medical, healthcare,  public and private sector fields throughout the UK.

Roleplay Reactors has been providing roleplayers and facilitators to numerous private and public sector organisations since 2003. Role Play Reactors was originally formed by Janine Cooper-Marshall and Karin Diamond and was taken over by Alan Bryant and Abi Gemmell in Jan 2010.

The company is still run in the same way by Alan and Abi and still has uses the same, high quality actors and Janine and Karin still take an active role in the business.

With a combined 25 years role playing and 30 years professional acting, both in the English and Welsh language, Role Play Reactors have successfully established themselves as specialists in the provision of role play actors for medical, healthcare and public sector training, assessment centres and exams.

Role Play Reactors have over 50 actors on our books giving our customers a good diverse mix of ethnicity, sex and age of actors. 

Our client base includes, Cardiff Local Health Board, Cardiff University, Severn & Wessex Deanery, Welsh Deanery, Department of Work and Pensions, Royal Gwent Hospital, Swansea University, Prince of Wales Hospital, South Wales Fire and Rescue, Astrazenca, Health Inspecterate Wales and the Welsh Government to name a few.

Our aim is to continually listen to our clients, and provide a service that exceeds your expectations.
We understand the amount of work involved when setting up a training day, assessment centre or exam. Our experience, organisational skills and reputation for delivering high quality role play actors can ease some of that pressure.



Committed to customer satisfaction and maintaining high standards we know our clients expect and enjoy, we hold regular feedback sessions with them all – and our management team itself often takes an active part in the roleplays/training.  This ensures direct feedback and an opportunity for us to monitor our team’s programme delivery first hand.




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