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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Meet The Actors - Liz Edney



Professional Training
Trained as a Drama Teacher at Middleton St. George college of Education.
BA Hons.  Manchester University
Various Equity, Re-Charge workshops.                                        
Roleplay Experience

Eight  years experience as a freelance role player within various public and private sector organisations.

Clients Include
Health Inspectorate Wales, RCGP Wales, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, South Glamorgan  Police, Cardiff University ( Schools of Pharmacy, Postgraduate Medical & Dentistry, Psychology Postgraduate Dermatology Healthcare Studies and Occupational Therapy

Astrazeneca, Elli  Lilly, Practice Solutions, National Autistic Society and Action on Elder Abuse

Personal Skills and Experience

Scripting, Casting  and Directing corporate training video programmes for The National Autistic Society and Acion on Elder Abuse.
Voice overs for corporate videos.






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