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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

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Professional Training
B.A Hons in Acting           
Roleplay Experience

NHS- VTS Skills workshop for qualified GP’s - March 2010’

Working with qualified GP’s to enhance communication skills
Playing a range of patients with demanding behaviour

  • Consistent scenarios for quality control
  • Detailed feedback for candidates to aid progression and communication skills
  • Working with rigorous script with ability to improvise on demand

Swansea University Medical School- February 08- January 09’

Working with Undergraduate Students on OSCE Examinations and Communication Skills Sessions.

  • Playing various patients with different medical histories / behaviour patterns.
  • Consistent scenarios for quality control during examinations.
  • Feedback sessions with examiners and students.
  • Ability to change brief or level of challenge at short notice.
  • Improvisation skills when required.

South Wales Fire Service Assessment and Development Centre -June –August 08’
Working with S.Wales Fire Service on a 2 month series of role play exercises for fire fighters applying for Managerial positions.

  • Playing young female character in a non- fire service related scenario.
  • Consistent scripted scenario with other actor.
  • Ability to re-direct exercise back to script and adhering to time limit.
  • Feedback sessions with examiners (oral and written)

Mystery Shopper for Mercedes Benz- August 06’

Working for RSVP Media Response on behalf of Mercedes Benz, calling unaware selected Mercedes retailers and grading level of service based on individual customer care needs.

  • Playing various characters enquiring about the Mercedes range and accessories.
  • Marking and grading sales staff on courtesy, knowledge and ability to meet individual customer needs.
  • Ability to use semi-scripted scenarios and improvisation including freedom to change level of challenge if appropriate.
  • Responsible for writing accurate and fair reports on each member of staff.
NHS Wales- Dangers of Smoking- health education video- Sept 98’
Working with NHS Wales playing young girl with heavy smoking habit.
  • Ability to learn script and take direction.
  • Ability to work with professional production team on set.
  • Ability to produce believable character on screen.

Personal Skills and Experience

Professional Actress, Directing, Voice Over, Theatre, TV and Film, Children’s Entertainer, Drama Facilitator for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, Singer, Story Telling, Model (catwalk and studio), Demonstrating, Promotions, Marketing and PR, Merchandising, Hostess, Computer literate, Improvisation, Theatre in Education.






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