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Professional roleplay sevices for public & private sector

organisations who want to 'Keep it Real'

Case Studies

Project Scotland

Project Scotland provide volunteers with a 6 month placement to let visit opportunities they may never see. These are monitored by mentors from all walks of life. Project Scotland wanted to supply these volunteers with some communication training, involving: body language, tone of voice and conflict management. They wanted an interactive forum with a large emphasis on roleplay.


To date we have worked with Project Scotland in the following capacity:

  • Involvement with the design of the Communication training 
  • Delivering training days for mentors and mentees
  • Designing advanced course

Interact Roleplay have been involved in helping design and facilitate the above courses throughout Scotland. Our actors have dealt with a broad range of mentors and mentees and have shown excellent consistency and apaptablility, working at various times of the day and night. Project Scotland have awarded the contract to Interact roleplay for another 12 months and are also jointly developing an advanced training course.

“Interact Roleplay add a taste of reality to our mentoring practice - through the skill of the actors ProjectScotland mentors are able to use roleplay to prepare for mentoring ProjectScotland volunteers. Interact create a fun and relaxed learning environment where everyone contributes and everyone benefits from each others insights and life experience”

Jane Robertson
Business Development Manager ProjectScotland









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