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Case Studies

NHS G.P. Recruitment 

NHS Scotland’s recruitment process in 2007 was reportedly more successful than the previous recruitment formats. Using various different ways of challenging the prospective candidate instead of a basic interview was deemed as being a fairer way of recruiting. This helped to cut down on the number of bad selections and amount of re-training required.

Part of that new requirement was to work with an organisation that would work closely with the NHS’s training division, assessors and HR team to provide trained actors who would offer consistent, realistic scenarios in a professional manner. The actors are required to bring quality of delivery, consistency of exercise, and realism to each scenario. This organisation would supply actors to assist not only with these assessment exercises, but also with feedback in the wash-ups.

Over the Past 3 years Interact Roleplay have supplied 19 actors for up to 10 days over a 2 week period with 100 % attendance and 100% timekeeping. Occasionally the actors worked 9.5 hour days and delivered role plays of sensitive and sometimes emotional content. 

Throughout our work with the NHS G.P. Recruitment, the feedback we have received from trainers, management and participants has been consistently positive and we believe we worked together with the NHS staff to create a team atmosphere in a successful recruitment process.


"Interact Roleplay have always been a great team to work with at our Selection Centre, they are professional, flexible and reliable - as well as adding an element of fun."

Amanda Hossack
HR NHS gp recruitment



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