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Case Studies

Effective Use of Your Voice in a Personal & Professional Context

Your voice is an integral part of everyday life. It affects success in your communications with others and is an indicator of your personality and health.

Interact Roleplays half day course offers an in-depth introduction that will improve the use of your voice and its positive impact on others, increase confidence and provide tools to develop your existing presentation and communication skills.

We will breakdown the mechanics of the voice to raise awareness of good practice and re-build understanding of effective voice use through presentation, discussion, exercises and valuable tips.

This knowledge will be transferred to the workplace: presentations, one to one interviews & meetings, group discussion and aggressive encounters. We will also analyse the use of voice on television and how it can impact our perceptions of personalities.

This course can be followed up with one to one voicecoaching sessions targeting personal areas of improvement identified during the session.

Development Outcomes:

  • increase confidence in the general use of your voice
  • develop existing communication and presentation skills
  • gain greater awareness of the impact of your voice on others
  • use your voice to greater effect in workplace situations

Interact Roleplay have been involved in helping design and facilitate the above courses throughout Scotland. Our actors have dealt with a broad range of challenging subjects, from race to gender to disabilities and have shown excellent consistency and adaptability. NHS Scotland have asked Interact role-play  to supply actors for the first full Scotland-wide run of these courses throughout 2010 -2011.

“ Excellent half day passed in a flash.  Learning points were obvious once you had them pointed out… however we generally do not take time and space to think through the impact of our voices.”

“A very worthwhile morning, presented in a very motivating and accommodating manner.  Very helpful.  I would recommend this to my peers."

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